Little Chefs: Cook with a Book – Enrichment Class

In this class our little chefs will turn favorite picture books into a fun food experience! Each class will start with a read aloud of a favorite picture book. Our little chefs will practice early literacy skills as they listen and discuss the story. We will then “cook with a book” and create a delicious snack inspired by our picture book. Cooking and eating together will further enhance our reading experience!! This class will also encompass a variety of play and art. Students will have the opportunity to join in dramatic play, manipulative toys, painting, sensory bins and other creative activities. Outdoor play will also be a part of our day. This class is designed for students in the Threes, Fours and Pre-K program. Enroll your little chef and inspire a love of reading and cooking!

Creative Kids – Enrichment Class

Creative Kids encourages students to explore their individual creativity through art, sensory, cooking, and music activities. Each month will have a different theme that will come from our author study. We will read books by one author and use their style to influence our art, sensory, cooking and music activities. The children will develop their imagination and curiosity through a variety of art projects and activities. Through different mediums (shaving cream, water colors, paint…) the children will use a variety of tools (i.e. sponges, vegetables, their fingers and feet…) to create works of art. Students will explore their five senses by playing with a variety of sensory bins and activities including, but not limited to flour, spices, beans, rice, water, slime, and clay. Cooking activities will allow children to use social skills to create snacks with their friends and to develop beginning literacy skills as they sequence recipe steps and create class books together. Music activities include songs, fingerplays, and dances for the children to have fun while moving and expressing themselves. This class also offers Dramatic Play (i.e., dress-up, bakery, post office, vet clinic, etc.) and playtime that includes manipulative toys, building toys and imaginative play toys. Story time and outdoor play are part of the fun as well. This class is designed for students of all ages. Come join us for a fun afternoon with Creative Kids!

Culinary Kids – Enrichment Class

The children will grow in a variety of ways as they participate in cooking activities throughout the year! Cooking with preschool-aged students helps to develop language, vocabulary, counting, and sequencing skills. Cooking is a great multi-sensory activity for kids that helps them to learn independence and well as practice following directions. Students will cook or create a snack each class. This class also encompasses a variety of play as well. Students can join in dramatic play, manipulative toys, building toys/blocks and imaginative play toys. Story time and outdoor play are also part of our day. This class is designed for children of all ages. Enroll your budding young chef and be amazed at how quickly they become culinary artists!

S.T.E.A.M. Discoverers – Enrichment Class

In this class the kids will be encouraged to use their natural curiosity to increase their critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and become more confident. Discovering is learning and in this class your child will want to learn. S.T.E.A.M. Discoverers have weekly themes including LEGOs & Learning, Flour Power & Chef Creations, Tie Dye Madness, and more! Each week we will have toys, activities and crafts based on the theme. All will incorporate math, building (Engineering), arts and science with some technology thrown in. The S.T.E.A.M. Discoverers curriculum lends itself toward the Fours and Pre-K group but can also work for some Threes. Contact Enrollment Co-Director with questions. Click here to learn more.

S.T.E.M. Explorers – Enrichment Class

This class strives to harness children’s natural sense of curiosity about the world around them through play, scientific inquiry, and exploration. Embedded within our STEM program, mathematical sorting, sequencing, and patterning are featured to encourage the beginnings of phonetic awareness, sound blending, and emergent reading. Games, books, pretend, and sensory play accompany our science experiments and data collection to create an exciting and fun-filled adventure! This class is designed for students enrolled in Fours and Pre-K. Click here to learn more.

Lunch Bunch – Enrichment Class

Spend an extra 35 minutes at school playing and eating with classmates. Children bring their own nut-free lunch.

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