What is your plan for Fall 2021?

CPI plans to hold traditional, in-person classes during the 2021-2022 school year. We have reduced the number of classes we’re offering and reduced the sizes of some classes in order to provide more space for the children to spread out, and we have also created pods of children who will not intermingle. This is why each of our enrichment classes is open only to students in specific classes. We also plan to make good use of our extensive outdoor space, and we anticipate that both staff and students will be wearing masks in the fall. The Board of Directors will continue to review health and safety guidance as it evolves and will adjust our plans as necessary. The Board will make a decision over the summer as to whether parents will work in the classroom as Parent Aides this fall.

What is your education philosophy?

Your child comes first in the warm, caring atmosphere of CPI. The primary goals of our program are for your child to feel good about himself/herself and to enjoy school. CPI’s teachers enthusiastically support your child’s curiosity and creativity while teaching skills such as listening, following directions, getting along with others, sharing, making choices, and following classroom rules. Each day your child will explore and create by participating in art, sensory, science, music, dramatic play, free play, outdoor play, manipulatives, and blocks.

Are you state licensed?

Yes, and CPI is a member of the Virginia Cooperative Preschool Council (VCPC).

What are your teachers’ credentials?

All teachers hold one of the following:

  1. A degree in Elementary Education or related field;
  2. Two years of experience at CPI

What are your class sizes? What is the adult to child ratio?

Our class sizes range from 10 – 12 students. Each class always has 2 adults present – either 1 paid teacher and 1 parent helper or 1 paid teacher and 1 paid assistant. That makes our ratios 1 adult to 5 children at a minimum and 1 to 6 at a maximum.

How many days are your programs?

We offer a two day per week Beginners program, a two or three day per week 3 year old program, and a three day per week 4 year old program. We also offer a four day per week Pre-K class. In addition, we offer one day per week add-on enrichment classes.

How do I know if my child should be in a 4’s class or in Pre-K?

Our Pre-K class is ideally suited for children who will turn 5 by January 31st of the school year in which they are enrolled, or who are entering their third year of preschool at CPI.  Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis, simply contact Enrollment with questions.

What is the STEM Explorers class?

This class endeavors to harness children’s natural sense of curiosity about the world around them through play, scientific inquiry and exploration. Our experienced teachers emphasize critical thinking, experimentation and observation to develop and nurture a life-long love of the sciences, math and reading in your child. Embedded within our STEM program, mathematical sorting, sequencing, and patterning are featured to encourage the beginnings of phonetic awareness, sound blending and emergent reading. Games, books, pretend and sensory play accompany our science experiments and data collection to create an exciting and fun filled STEM Explorers adventure.

What is Lunch Bunch?

Lunch Bunch is offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Lunch Bunch is supervised by rotating staff, and parents will be responsible for providing their child’s lunch. Information regarding food allergies will be provided to those enrolled in Lunch Bunch.

What is the difference between coop and non coop?

Coop responsibilities include:

  • Working as the teacher’s assistant in your child’s class on a regular basis. (In the two day 3’s classes, expect to work approximately once every six weeks. In the three day 3s, 4’s, and Pre-K classes, expect to work approximately once a month)
  • Providing snack when you are scheduled to co-op
  • Participating on a school committee
  • Helping to clean the school once during the school year

Non Coop responsibilities include:

  • Providing snack on a rotating basis when your child is scheduled to be the leader

What months is your school in session?

School starts in September and concludes at the end of May.

How long is a “class period”?

Our classes are two hours and 45 minutes long.

How do you handle discipline?

With positive reinforcement and continued repetition of routine.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

No. It is our preference that they are trained, but it is not required. We do ask that parents are actively trying to potty train their child.

How do you deal with children with food allergies?

Food allergies are taken very seriously at CPI. First and foremost, we are a nut-free school. Due to the life-threatening nature of many food allergies, we have opted for a snack program that designates an allowable snack list. Our aim in choosing this list is to avoid exposure to the most common and most dangerous food allergens. That said, if the designated snack contains ingredients to which your child is allergic, or is something you do not wish for your child to eat, you may provide your child with an alternative snack. For children who do have life threatening allergies, our teachers are trained in the use of Epi-pens and we have space to keep required medications at school in the event of an emergency. Any further discussion regarding your child’s specific allergy can be directed to our Health and Safety Director.

What are your arrival and departure procedures?

Children are dropped off and picked up in our car pool lane. A teacher or parent helper will get your child out of the car at drop off. Your child’s teacher will put your child in the car when you pick him/her up. You will buckle your child’s safety belt.

Do you go on field trips?

All of our classes have “in-house” field trips with guests coming to share their knowledge and skills with our students. If a class has an off-site field trip, parents are required to transport their child to specific locations or arrange a carpool with other parents.

When does registration begin? What is your procedure?

Open registration for new students begins after our Open House in late January or early February. All paperwork must be mailed through the US Postal Service during the stated dates in your enrollment packet. Once our initial enrollment period is complete, a rolling admission policy is in effect.

Can my child enroll in your program mid-year?

Yes!  You can enroll your child mid-year.  Please contact our Enrollment team to find out about openings.  (register@centrevillepreschool.com)